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  • Course Overview.
  • Course Curriculum.
  • Course Work and Assessment.
  • How the course links to our Participation Pathway.


Coaches wanting education to enhance their coach ability and skills can now enrol in the LA Club Coach Course.

Coaches will learn and discuss key elements and principles of coaching for the club level (junior or senior) such as:

Manage Self 

  • Identify the role and ethical responsibilities of a community coach.
  • Select, plan and organise safe activities and review their implementation.

Manage Environment

  • Identify the coach’s duty of care. 
  • Identify basic risks and implement appropriate prevention and management strategies.

Manage Others

  • Select and conduct activities appropriate to the level of players.
  • Foster an engaging and supportive approach to play that optimises participation for all levels of ability.
  • Conduct a coaching session to teach basic Lacrosse skills and tactics.
  • Communicate with relevant groups.

For more in depth information regarding this course or other LA courses please view our Coaching Framework

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome

    • Assessment Tasks

  • 02

    Assessment Task 1 - Sport Aus Certificate

    • Sport Australia - Community Coaching General Principles

  • 03

    Assessment Task 2 - Play by the Rules - Child Protection

    • Submission of Play by the Rules - Child Protection

  • 04

    Assessment Task 3 - Play by the Rules - Harassment & Discrimination

    • Submission of Play by the Rules - Harassment and Discrimination

  • 05

    The Coach

    • The Role of a Coach

    • Key Characteristics of a Good Coach

    • Type of Coaching Style

    • Planning the Season

    • Game Sense

  • 06

    The Environment

    • Safety & Duty of Care

    • Match Day Coaching

    • Setting a Safe Sporting Environment

  • 07

    The Players

    • Players' Motivation & Goal Setting

    • Behavior Management

    • Player Development

  • 08

    Self Review Quiz

    • Self-Review

  • 09

    Assessment Task 4 - Worksheet 1

    • Submission of Work Sheet 1

  • 10

    Assessment Task 5 - Worksheet 2

    • Submission of Work Sheet 2

  • 11

    Assessment Task 6 - Worksheet 3

    • Submission of Work Sheet 3

  • 12

    Assessment Task 7 - Worksheet 4

    • Submission of Work Sheet 4

  • 13

    Assessment Task 8 - Practical Assessment Checklist

    • Submission of Practical Assessment Checklist

  • 14

    Assessment Task 9 - Working With Children Check

    • Working With Children Check

  • 15


    • Coaching Philosophy, Planning and Safety.

    • Communication, Developing Team Rules and Routines

    • Skill development & Drill Design

Course Work & Assessment

This list provides an overview of the work that coaches will need to complete to gain accreditation.

  • Complete additional training: 1) Sport Australia Community Coaching General Principles certificate. 2) Play by the Rules training: Child Protection, Harassment & Discrimination.

  • Complete a short Quiz

  • Attend all face to face sessions.

  • Participate in & complete all session activities.

  • Submit all Worksheets 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • Be observed in a practical environment & submit checklist

Alignment to Participation Framework

The Club Coach Course design is tailored and targeted towards coaches who are coaching at a Junior or Social Senior Club level or coaches who coach an U15 representative team that participates in the LA U15 National Tournament.