Coaches wanting further education to enhance their own, and their team's, performance and professionalism can now enrol in the LA Talent Coach Course.

The course provides education across 3 major areas: The Athlete, The Coach & The Environment through the delivery of 9 modules from planning, coaching practices and sport science disciplines. Coaches will engage in a blend of online learning, face to face course and practical elements through the Course. 

The Course Work is broken down in to 3 Phases, Pre Course Work, Course Work and Post Course Work. Through these phases coaches will be required to:

  • Engage with a mentor
  • Complete some prior learning through Sport Australia's platform
  • Attend the face to face course
  • Complete the Talent Coach Workbook and all activities
  • Submit all work through this online platform.

Further information regarding the Talent Coach Course can be accessed via the Lacrosse Australia website

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Talent Coach Course Overview

    • Welcome | Course Outline | Assessment Tasks

  • 02

    Part A - Pre Course Work

    • Mentorship; What is it all about?

    • Engage with a Mentor or Supporter

    • Sport Australia Online Education

    • Submission of Sports Australia Online Education (GENERAL PRINCIPLES)

    • Submission of Sports Australia Online Education (Concussion Management)

    • LA Coach Development Plan

  • 03

    Part B - Course Work

    • Welcome to Part B - Course Work

    • Talent Coach Workbook

    • Module 1 - Essence of Coaching

    • Module 2 - Effective Communication and Coaching Practice

    • Module 3 - Skill Acquisition and Development

    • Module 4 - Skill Acquisition in Lacrosse

    • Module 5 - Physical Fitness Preparation for Lacrosse

    • Module 6 - Mental Skills for improved performance

    • Module 7 - Developing a Style of Play, Game plan and tactics

    • Module 8 - Structure and Systems of Play

    • Module 9 - Planning & Establishing a Coach Program

  • 04

    Part C - Post Course Work

    • Welcome to Part C - Post Course Work

    • Talent Coach Workbook - Submission

    • Coaching Program Outline - Submission

    • Seasonal Planner - Submission

    • Training Session Plans (preparation phase) - Submission

    • Practical Observation | Training Session - Submission

    • Practical Observation | Game Day - Submission

    • Mentor Assessment Task Sign off sheet

Alignment to Participation Framework

The Talent Coach Course design is tailored and targeted towards coaches who are coaching at Premier Club level, at a State Level or coaches involved in LA HP squad program.

Assessment & Task - PART A Pre Course Work.

PART A - Pre Course Work Pre Course Work is required to be completed before attending the face to face workshop. Any coach can complete the Pre course work at any time as it will help to shape and form your own goals and development.

  • 1) Identify a coaching mentor or coaching peer who can help you complete self-review and self-reflection tasks. This could be an individual who has expressed interest to complete the same course.

  • Complete the LA Coach Development Plan . Complete the Coach Develop Plan by discussing your goals, Training Needs Analysis & Performance Development Plan.

  • Complete the “Sport Australia Community Coach” and “High Performance Mental Skills” online course and submit the course certificates.

PART B - In Course Work

attend the face to face workshop

  • Attend the face to face workshop and complete all questions and activities in Part B of the “Talent Coach Workbook”

  • Actively participate, physically and in discussions ,in all the face to face sessions.

PART C - Post Course Work

  • Complete Part C – Post Course Work of the “Talent Coach Workbook”

  • Submit your Coaching Program Outline and the process you took to designed it.

  • Submit your Seasonal Planner.

  • Submit two session plans which correspond to the preparation phase of your seasonal plan.

  • Be observed coaching during a training session & during a game and submit the observation check lists and the self-reflection summary regarding your feedback, learnings & experiences through the observation.

  • Have your mentor complete the "Mentor Assessment Task Sign off Sheet" and submit it through this platform.