Coaches at all levels play a crucial role in ensuring that lacrosse is an enjoyable experience for everyone, as well as laying the foundation for the development of better players.

As expectations for safety and ethical behaviour within coaching continues to increase for all sports, it has become increasingly important that all coaches are continuously training and accredited. It is recommended that all coaches continue their education to ensure the most appropriate and up-to-date coaching techniques are being used.

Coaches wishing to re-accredit their Club Coach accreditation can now enrol and submit the required work. 

The re-accreditation process has been outlined and designed to ensure coaches have been actively coaching over the last 4 years, engaged is personal development over their journey and have gone through a self review and goal setting process to further enhance their coaching ability. 

To successfully gain re-accreditation coaches will need to:

  1. Submit your original Club Coach Certificate on completion of the course delivered by their MA. 
  2. Show they have been actively coaching for two of the 4 years. (submit sign declaration from club).
  3. Complete 2 of the further development opportunities. (submit evidence).
  4. Submit their LA Coach Development Plan. (this is the self review process)
  5. Hold a current child safe guarding check.

Additional information regarding the re-accreditation process can be found on the LA website. 

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Introduction

    • Thank You

    • Club Coach Additional Material

  • 02

    Club Coach Certificate

    • Original Club Coach Certificate - Submission

  • 03

    Actively Coaching - Club Declaration

    • Sign Declaration by your Club

  • 04

    Personal Development Plans

    • LA Coach Development Plan

  • 05

    Updating Activities

    • Updating Activity and Personal Development - Explanation

    • Updating Activity and Personal Development - Submission 1

    • Updating Activity and Personal Development - Submission 2

  • 06

    Safe Guarding Children Check

    • Child Protection | Safe Guarding Children

    • Child Safe Guarding Check

  • 07

    Club Coach Course Online Material

    • The Role of a Coach

    • Key Characteristics of a Good Coach

    • Type of Coaching Style

    • Planning the Season

    • Game Sense

    • Safety & Duty of Care

    • Match Day Coaching

    • Setting a Safe Sporting Environment

    • Players' Motivation & Goal Setting

    • Behavior Management

    • Player Development

  • 08

    Required self-learning

    • Sport Australia - Community Coaching General Principles

    • Submission of Play by the Rules - Child Protection

    • Submission of Play by the Rules - Harassment and Discrimination