This course is designed for beginner coaches (youth players, first time coaches or parents) working with young or beginner players.

The course provides education across 3 major areas: The Player, The Coach & The Environment, through the delivery of 9 lessons covering planning, communication, coaching practices, fundamental skills and more, completely delivered online. 

Coaches will navigate their way through the course and are required to complete 3 quizzes along the way.

For more in depth information regarding this course or other LA courses please view our Coaching Framework

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome

  • 02

    The Players

    • Understanding Your Players

    • The Fundamental Skills

    • Teaching Game Play

    • Self-Reflection (The Players)

  • 03

    The Coach

    • Communication

    • Group Management

    • Planning for a Session

    • Coaching Practice

    • Self-Reflection (The Coach)

  • 04

    The Environment

    • Creating a Positive Learning Environment

    • Setting a Safe Sporting Environment

    • Self-Reflection (The Environment)

Course Work & Assessment

This list provides an overview of the work that coaches will need to complete to gain accreditation.

  • Read through and engage with the course material

  • Complete the 3 short quizzes after each section with a 100% pass rate.

Alignment to Participation Framework

The Foundation Coach Course design is tailored and targeted towards new coaches or coaches who are coaching beginner participates or who are coaching modified lacrosse.